Criminal defense

If you stand accused of a crime I will support you in finding the best defense strategy.


If you are active in a regulated sector I will assist in minimizing the legal risk.


If you suspect misconduct in your organization I will investigate the facts necessary for further action.

International crime

I specialize in cross-border proceedings, universal jurisdiction and proceedings before international courts. 

White collar crime

I defend clients against accusations of fraud, corruption and other business related crimes.

Healthcare crime

As bar certified specialist for medical law I assist medical practitioners accused of criminal behavior.

General crime

Beyond the focus points of my work I am willing to represent select cases against other allegations.

Criminal defense

Once you or your organization become the subject of criminal investigations, legal advice by a specialized lawyer should always be the first response. Earliest possible intervention by defense counsel is one of the deciding factors for the outcome of criminal proceedings.

I represent both individual and institutional clients regardless of the nature of the allegations and the state of proceedings.


In complex business structures and strongly regulated industries it can be challenging to stay on top of the administrative requirements.

Both during transactions as well as part of compliance screenings I support my clients in analysing regulatory problems with a special emphasis on criminal law.

My legal advice includes developing strategies to mitigate identified risks and avoid exposure to civil or criminal liability.


The suspicion of unethical or even criminal conduct is a considerable burden for any organization. In such situations swift action, often in close coordination with the criminal justice system and regulatory authorities, is key to minimizing damages. As a Certified Fraud Examiner, I advise clients on dealing with allegations of fraud and corruption, money laundering, embargo and sanctions violations or other white-collar crime and coordinate and lead their internal investigations.

Beyond that I am experienced in investigating serious crimes, including war crimes and crimes against humanity. This includes obtaining evidence and interviewing witnesses in insecure environments out of reach of the traditional justice system.

My legal background helps me to focus investigations on the facts you really need in further proceedings. This allows for a more efficient process saving time and ressources.

My office is equipped with state of the art forensic equipment enabling large scale data analysis as needed. I am working closely with a network of forensic experts if further expertise is required.

Evidence is not always easily accessible. if necessary I will follow up on leads anywhere in the world.


I collaborate closely with a number of attorneys coming from different specialisations. This allows us to handle complex and large scale criminal cases with the highes level of efficiency. As necessary I liase with a worldwide network of lawyers and forensic experts to ensure the required expertise can be provided.

Together with my colleagues at LEGAVIS I offer comprehensive compliance solutions for our institutional clients.


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